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About Us

42nd Street is an innovative Greater Manchester young people’s mental health charity with 38 years’ experience of providing free and confidential services to young people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Our Vision, Mission & Social Objectives

42nd Street’s Vision:

Inclusive accessible mental health services for all young people.

42nd Street’s Mission:

To support young people aged 11-25 years with their emotional well-being and mental health, promoting choice and creativity. We champion young person centred approaches that demonstrate local impact and have national significance.

Our Social objectives are to:

  1. Improve well-being and recovery 
  2. Increase opportunities for young people to shape their own care and influence change 
  3. Improve and increase inclusion and accessibility to services and support 
  4. Increase awareness and reduce stigma

 42nd Street services

Key Activities:

  • One- to- one counselling, therapy, psycho-social support and advocacy 
  • Therapeutic, issue-based, identity-based groups and peer support projects 
  • Creative projects and approaches to wellbeing and mental health via The Horsfall 
  • Residentials and Kieran’s Getaways 
  • A Social Action Programme 
  • Bespoke services in schools, colleges and universities 
  • Training programmes for professionals 
  • Collaboration with partners

Service Availability – age ranges, areas and services:

42nd Street currently deliver individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)*, Counselling for Depression*, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)*, one to one psycho-social support and advocacy services in the following areas:

  • Manchester (13-25 year olds) – please note that the above support marked with an asterisk * is only available in Manchester at the moment.
  • Salford (13-25 year olds)
  • Trafford (13-25 year olds)
  • Tameside & Glossop (13-18 year olds)

If you would like up to date information about waiting times for 42nd Street services, you can access it here.

Please note the above age ranges for our community services. We only support young people aged 11 and 12 year olds where we have bespoke services in specific settings.

We work in a number of Greater Manchester schools. You can find out more about our services in schools here. We work with young people from 11-18 in schools.

Our creative and group work programme is open to young people across Greater Manchester.

Last year (2016/17) 42nd Street delivered:

Counselling, therapy, psycho-social support, advocacy and case management:

    • A total of 3387 counselling & therapy sessions to 393 young people including:

2631 Counselling sessions to 292 young people

756 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions to 111 young people

    • 4949 psycho-social support sessions to 641 young people including:

151 Early Help sessions
242 Urgent Case Management sessions
4556 One to One Support sessions
536 case management sessions to 260 young people

‘High attendance rates across all elements of our service, demonstrated by Do Not Attend (DNA) rates of between 5-13 %.’

‘Consistently high “reliable change” and “reliable recovery” rates for individual therapeutic work (non-IAPT services): 67.5% in Manchester, 63% in Trafford and 56% in Salford. In Tameside & Glossop, young people’s Outcomes Rating Scale (ORS) scores showed improvements that were double the size of those evidenced in the nationally benchmarked ‘rest of CORC’ data sample.’

Therapeutic groups:

  • Dealing with Depression and Anxiety: 13 sessions with 20 young people
  • TC42 (Therapeutic community group): 11 young people participating in 25 sessions

Issue based and identity based groups:

  • Young Women’s Group: 18 young women participating in 35 sessions
  • Girls Talk (A community based group for young women): 16 young women participating in 28 sessions
  • Q42 (LGBTQ+ creative digital project for 13-18 year olds): 14 young people participating in 51 sessions
  • Inside Out (LGBTQ+ project for 18-25 year olds): 30 young people participating in 46 sessions

Community based groups:

  • 27 community-based mental health promotion sessions in Salford to 397 young people

Creative projects:

  • 81 young people participating in creative projects
  • 919 new audience members & 5645 virtual audiences

Kieran’s Getaways:

  • 4 residential activities with 32 young people

Social Action Programme:

  • 42nd Street Peer Ambassadors: 13 young people
  • We Tell You Peer Research: 192 young people
  • Youth Loneliness Peer Research: 14 young people
  • Creative Agents: 25 young people
  • Total Respect Programme: 18 young people

Work In Schools and Colleges:

Bespoke services in 9 Greater Manchester schools.


training to 13 organisations and 446 participants.

Duty Calls:

1772 Duty calls: Support, referrals and advice to parents/carers and young people, and calls from professionals.

99% of young people would recommend 42nd Street to friends and family

42nd Street Annual Report 2016.17

42nd Street Annual Report 2015.16


42nd Street Annual Report 2013.2014