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Regular Giving

By pledging to support 42nd Street through regular giving, you are contributing to our longer term sustainability and are helping us to develop impactful programmes of work which make a real difference in the lives of children and young people across Greater Manchester.

42nd Street reaches c.2000 young people each year who are experiencing mental health difficulties. Our diverse services include individual therapeutic support, projects and activities, advocacy, leadership opportunities and a creative programme.

We are determined that young people are able to influence policy, practice and culture through peer research, becoming an Ambassador and taking opportunities to speak publicly about the issues which matter to them.

Regular giving enables 42nd Street to support young people to achieve their full potential.

If you wish to give either monthly or annually, please download the Regular Giving Form, complete it and return to 42nd Street.

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Thank you for your support from all trustees, young people and staff at 42nd Street.