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Voluntary Sector Social Work Placement Pilot – Greater Manchester

  • Do you provide any training that would be considered as Continuing Professional Development for Social Workers?
  • Are you interested in taking part in a pilot which will shape future Social Work training and integrate the VCSE sector at a critical time in terms of Health and Social Devolution?Sonya Christensen is working within 42nd Street as a Development Manager. Her aim is to recognise and advocate the role that voluntary and community sector organisations play in supporting the most vulnerable members of our society.Over the next couple of months she would like to speak/meet with Organisations that can offer opportunities of first and second placements for Social Work students from MMU and Manchester University.  This would include opportunities for practice learning, as well as bespoke specialist training, shadowing opportunities, leadership opportunities and Continuing Professional Development for Qualified Social workers within Children and Young People’s VCSES services across Greater Manchester. 

The aim is to enable students to follow the journey of the child or adult and for students and qualified Social Workers alike to gain valuable experience of the fantastic work done within the VCSE sector and for them to gain a better understanding of the role that your Organisation has in the wider Health and Social Care experience of service users.

The pilot is looking to create mutually beneficial partnerships that will enhance capabilities, reach and reputation and for VCSE Organisations to be involved in an excellent opportunity to shape future Social Work Education.

If you are interested and operate in the Greater Manchester area then please contact:

Children’s services: sonya.christensen@42ndstreet.org.uk or for

Adult services: gillkelly@afteradoption.org.uk