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Mental Health and Support During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: R. Coughlan

Here are some of our suggestions on how to maintain good mental health and support one another during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t panic buy

It is a worrying time but please try to not become swept up in the recent panic buying. There are enough supplies for everyone as long as people shop like they normally would. Panic buying is unnecessary and is having a huge impact on vulnerable people, low-income families and food banks.


Panic Buying

Stay Connected

We have been advised to keep our distance from people but this only means physically. Still keep in touch with family and friends via texts, calls or social media. Feeling connected, especially when isolating, is important for mental health.

Offer support

If you know of anyone who is vulnerable and in need of support and you are able to help, please do. Whether this means going shopping for them, walking their dog or even just sending them a card to let them know you’re thinking of them. Buy the card from a small business and you will be helping them out too. Which leads us onto our next point…


Support local businesses

Be safe and follow guidance but continue to support small local businesses. Many are already feeling the affects of the virus and will need as much support as possible to remain afloat and reopen fully after the restrictions are lifted. Many shops and even some cafes and bars have products that they sell online. So you can shop without even leaving the house. If you have monthly memberships for gyms, cinemas etc. that are already part of your bills, and you continue to have secure income, then consider leaving them standing even if you aren’t able to use the services. Small actions like this could mean the difference between businesses staying open or them closing and people loosing their jobs.


Seek out the positive

Lastly and possibly most importantly for maintaining mental health… minimise the negative and confusing stories that you see online and amplify the good news stories. People helping one another, residents in isolation singing from their balconies and personal trainers holding free rooftop workouts for neighbours in surrounding flats. Keep an eye out for the good in the world. It might not seem like it but honestly, it is all around. We just need to make sure we can find it in among all the worry.