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Mental Health Advice

What is the best mental health advice you were ever given?

Author: L.Young







Matt Haig, a mental health advocate and novelist whose works include ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ began a Twitter thread recently which asked the question; ‘what is the best mental health advice you were ever given?’ The following replies and comments were inspirational and full of hundreds of tips.

We picked our top 10 pieces of advice:

  • Thoughts are not facts – It is okay to have sad thoughts, everyone does once in a while but remember thoughts are not facts. They are mental events that pop up in the mind and are dependent on our mood. Next time your mind jumps to a conclusion, check to see where your head is at.
  • Don’t worry about things you have no control over – Life can be incredible sometimes but also it has its’ twists and turns. You have to take the rough with the smooth and realise that things can be happen without any choice. Try to put a stop to worrying and focus your brain on something more productive.
  • No matter how low your energy is if you do one thing and only one thing today, brush your teeth – One Twitter user revealed that depression cost him his teeth as he felt too low to even get up and clean them. Self-care is extremely important when you are struggling with your mental health and it helps to do little everyday tasks.
  • Prioritise yourself  – Taking care of yourself before anyone else is a big priority, your happiness is necessary. Spend time doing the things you love and less time doing what you don’t.
  • It’s not weak to cry or ask for help – Asking for help is not weak, it is strong to recognise how you are feeling and to know when you need support. Crying is healthy because you are letting everything out and expressing your emotions rather than suppressing them.
  • Your feelings don’t tell you the truth – Look at facts around situations and people rather than how you feel about them. It’s hard to think sometimes that people have your best interests at heart when you are struggling but take the support and love that they offer. It will boost your mood at the most difficult times.
  • Start running and clear your head – When you exercise it releases endorphins which can lead to positive emotions.  Running allows you to focus on something and it can challenge you. It can also boost your energy levels which will leave you better equipped to face everyday problems.
  • Do what makes you happy. You deserve to be loved and cared about. Quit toxic people. You matter! – This is so important; you don’t need anyone in your life who isn’t #teamyou. Toxic people will not help your mental health; and can in fact damage your health and overall mood.
  • Dig out a cheesy old tune you loved and reconnect with your inner child – Take yourself back to the simpler times, choose that song, turn it up to the highest volume and embrace those free feelings that you felt as a child.
  • Halve your screen time, get outside and exercise gently. Don’t overthink things. Celebrate every single victory! – In this modern world we are all consumed by our phones. How many times do we spend endlessly scrolling? Every time you think about picking up your phone, read a book or write or doodle something that sparks your brain. One more thing… when you succeed, celebrate it. Be proud of your victories. Achievements are amazing and shouldn’t be overlooked; they can give you a big confidence boost.

So follow these top tips whenever you are struggling and need some mental health advice, if you have any other ones tweet us @42ndstreetmcr.