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Alone/Together Exhibition

September 2019 – Author: E. Turner

From the 10th – 27th September, The Horsfall gallery on Great Ancoats Street will house three exhibitions inspired by the theme of ‘Alone/Together’. The exhibitions will open up conversations about being alone and being together. These creative collaborations hope to get people talking, and to reduce the stigma around loneliness. Each exhibition will be on a separate floor beginning with…

Ground floor: ‘Room of Your Own’

Welcome to a Room of Your Own – a space where you feel comfortable and content being alone. For this project, 42nd Street teamed up with the Manchester Craft and Design Centre for a series of workshops with the Creative Agents, a long-standing creative group at the Horsfall.

Over the course of one week, the group created a range of beautiful (and functional) items to include in the room, which became an immersive exhibition experience appealing to all of the senses. They worked with ceramics, glasswork, lino printing and macramé, learning new skills and exploring different techniques with local artist Elizabeth (@hotknots.libs).

The final pieces will feature in the exhibition along with other items, selected and curated to design an oasis of solitude. During the brainstorming stages of the project, the creative agents pointed out that when you look out of the Horsfall windows, there are no leaves or trees to be seen. Inspired by this, the group decided to bring the natural world into the Horsfall, giving Ancoats a burst a greenery, from leafy painted windows to hanging plants. Pop down between the 10th and 27th to immerse yourself in this sanctuary of calm!

Middle floor: The Face Project – Progression Exhibition

If you know 42nd Street well, you might have noticed that it’s had a bit of a makeover. This amazing new artwork is the result of a collaborative project, bringing together 42nd Street young people and local artists, Tasha (@Tasha_Whittle) and Billy (@billycolours).

The project’s brief was to design a new artwork for the front of the building that reflects the theme of ‘Alone/Together’, through a series of workshops. During the sessions, ideas developed through illustration, conversation, and painting on the Horsfall windows. The designs began small, getting bigger and bigger each session. A common theme that emerged was the idea of assigning emotions or words to drawings and characters.

The group agreed that the piece should be eye-catching and meaningful but without deterring young people from accessing the services. The progression exhibition shows how this was achieved, displaying photographs and original pieces which contributed to the final designs. At the end of the week we decided to organise future sessions for an artwork on the inside of the exterior wall, so watch this space!

Third floor: Brighter Sound & Gorse Hill Music – Alone in the City

The third floor of the Horsfall exhibits sound and music work, as part of a collaboration between 42nd Street and Brighter Sound. The project was inspired by the idea of being alone in the city, encouraging you to take notice of the sounds around you.

This floor also exhibits films produced through collaborations with Humberto Valez, Gorse Hill Studios and the 42nd Street poetry collective, all based around the theme of alone/together, and the way we think about loneliness and being alone.