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Summer Programme at The Horsfall

September 2019 – Author: L. Young

This summer the Horsfall has been a hub of creative activity and we’ve had so many different types of young people come through our doors. The drop-in sessions started from 2nd May and our new Creative Producer has transformed the Horsfall. He started a drop-in arts space which is free to all young people and provides them with a space to explore, create, spend time, doodle, draw, paint, think, relax, ponder or make. There is no need to refer and young people are allowed to bring other friends to the session.

From this stemmed the Summer Programme which is open to anyone aged 13-25 years old with the goal being to create as much content and creativity as we possibly can that comes directly from our young people.

The young people have been involved in photography sessions, digital blogging and vlogging, one of our Q42 (LBTQ+) members made Pride flag makeup tutorials and craft making skills involving macramé, lino prints, mono printing and pot/pebble painting.

The other week we had a graffiti artist who set up his tools in the courtyard to give young people some advice and the opportunity to have a go at spray painting. He also ran a taught session with the young people where they could design a massive board. It was amazing to see the young people expressing themselves and to see their finished creative designs.

We have also had our resident poet, Louise Wallwein in running sessions and creating poetry with everyone.

In the last week we have been creating Christmas images as part of a competition for local businesses using different stencils, paints and rollers. It was so lovely to see our young people making friends and sharing different ideas to create their individual designs.

The Summer Programme has been very exciting to see our young people expressing their mental health through arts and it has been unbelievable to see the growth of it weekly and the confidence of everyone getting involved.

This has then led on to our exhibition of young people’s sense of being #ALONETOGETHER. It opens at The Horsfall on Thursday 12 September 5.00-7.30pm and runs until the end of the month. Find out more and join the discussion here: Alone Together Exhibition It’s not just an exhibition but it will involve live music and poetry reading. Research has shown that youth loneliness has increased over the past few years and in response to this we asked artists and young people to come together to explore the experience and see if art can help in some way.

Can art support a change to a more collaborative society?

Can we enjoy time alone?

Working with young people from across Greater Manchester and professional artists we have arranged some truly unique collaborations all of which will be on display during our exhibitions and will include:

  • Room of my own – a room to find joy in your own presence (curated with the Manchester Craft and Design Centre)
  • Alone Together – films made by Gorse Hill Studio and international artist Humberto Valez
  • Alone in the city – Soundscapes made with Brighter sound
  • Hidden – theatre piece with Trish Coleman
  • Public mural 42nd Street – Tasha Whittle and Billy Colours

If you are interested in hearing more about the research and findings from this project we will be hosting a symposium to present our work. Click on this link to register… It’s going to be a fantastic event!


A parent of the young person attending the creative programme said ‘Thank you for allowing this to happen, Alex came home buzzing from this!!’

If you have been inspired by the incredible work in the Summer programme and would like to come and join the buzz of the drop-in every Thursday, please keep your eyes peeled on our social media or contact us on 01612287321 / theteam@42ndstreet.org.uk