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Working From Home During A Crisis

2nd April, 2020

Author: S. Spray Many of us have worked hard to draw the professional  lines between family/home life and work and of course with partners, housemates, children, those we are caring for etc. sharing our now combined  home and work space as we are all adapting,  there will be some new challenges for everyone. There is […]

How to use social media during isolation

31st March, 2020

Author: L. Young & R. Coughlan Human beings are naturally social creatures that thrive on the companionship of others. In this modern world young people in particular rely on social media to make positive and important connections with each other. While such connections benefit mental health, negative social media can have an adverse effect and […]

Coronavirus – Should I be Worried?

24th March, 2020

NHS Covid19 info graphic - catch it, bin it, kill it

Author: M. Mand One thing is dominating the news at the moment: the growing spread of the coronavirus. The virus is leading to sensational headlines and the spread of rumours on social media which can be frightening to read or hear. So, what is the truth and should we feel anxious about it? Knowledge is […]

Mental Health and Support During the Covid-19 Pandemic

17th March, 2020

Author: R. Coughlan Here are some of our suggestions on how to maintain good mental health and support one another during the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t panic buy It is a worrying time but please try to not become swept up in the recent panic buying. There are enough supplies for everyone as long as people […]

Lewis Capaldi Launches LiveLive

11th March, 2020

Author: M.Mand “I was having a panic attack the entire time” – Lewis Capaldi Lewis Capaldi was the biggest selling musician in the UK last year and he took to the stage at Manchester’s Apollo last week to a full house of fans. But Lewis knows that some of these people, like himself experience anxiety […]

University Mental Health Day – Get Involved!

5th March, 2020

Author: M. Mand Did you know that March 5th is the UK’s University Mental Health Day? So, what’s it all about? Studying can be inspiring, but also stressful, placing a variety of demands on young people. This special day aims to inspire conversations, act and create change by making mental health a university-wide priority. Through […]

University Mental Health Day – Part 1

4th March, 2020

Author: L. Young University can be the most exciting period of your life but also sometimes the scariest. You are in new surroundings, away from your support network, living with new people and having to start learning a new course. In 2015/2016 over 15,000 first-year students at universities reported that they had a mental health […]

Mental Health Advice

12th February, 2020

What is the best mental health advice you were ever given? Author: L.Young             Matt Haig, a mental health advocate and novelist whose works include ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ began a Twitter thread recently which asked the question; ‘what is the best mental health advice you were ever given?’ The […]

Christmas: It’s the most wonderful time of year… or is it?

19th December, 2019

Author: L.Young It’s that time of year when the lights are twinkling and festive cheer is all around. I love Christmas as much as everyone else… Spending quality family time. Cosying up in front of the fire. Crying to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ for the hundredth time and the most important thing, eating your bodyweight […]

#NoFilter… Instagram Ban Cosmetic Filters

29th October, 2019

Author: L.Young Last week Instagram announced that they are removing all augmented reality filters that depict/promote cosmetic surgery. With social media having a major influence on young people’s mental health, this is a great move for body positivity. As a young woman who is susceptible to what is portrayed in the media, social applications such […]