What’s on

The Women’s Group

5th February, 2018 at 4:00 pm

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The 2018 Women’s Group starts on 5th February and meets every Monday 4-6pm.

4-4:30pm: brews, food and catch-ups

4:30-6pm: activity (please get here for 4:30pm to get involved so you don’t miss anything)

How do I get involved?

We welcome all young women aged between 16-25. If you would like to come along and join the group, please get in touch with 42nd Street on: 0161 228 7321 with your contact details. If you already come to 42nd Street, talk to your worker. Angela and Jo, our Women’s Group workers, will call you to introduce herself and answer any questions you might have.

             Safe                                     Friendly                               Fun

Exciting                                                                                        Express your feelings through art

            A confidence builder                    No one judges you

                                         Meet new people                        All unique in our own way

                  Try things you wouldn’t normally do

Download our poster: 42nd Street Womens Group

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42nd Street, The Space