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The Horsfall Creative Agents

17th July, 2017

Do you want to help 42nd Street shape the direction of our new creative programme and venue, The Horsfall? This is an exciting time to get involved. As a Creative Agent, you will be:

  • 16 years old or above;
  • Interested in the arts / heritage;

What is involved?

Creative Agents will meet weekly as a group. Sessions will include practical workshops and research trips to galleries, theatre, heritage sites etc.


Between now and the opening of The Horsfall,  we will be meeting each week.

Every Monday between 5-6:30pm at 42nd Street.

How do I get involved?

For more information about The Horsfall, check out our project page. If you already come to 42nd Street, have a chat with your worker. If you don’t come to 42nd Street but this sounds like an opportunity for you, get in touch! Give us a call on 0161 228 7321 or drop us an email: theteam@42ndstreet.org.uk

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