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Introduction to Attachment in Work with Young People

1st April, 2021 at 9:30 am

No training workshops are currently scheduled. Please contact Chris Jacob to discuss a bespoke package for your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • For participants to have a basic understanding of the main principles of Attachment Theory
  • For participants to have an improved knowledge of the different classifications of Secure and Insecure Attachment Styles
  • For participants to be informed of the effects early Attachment styles and experiences can have on a young person’s global development
  • For participants to deepen their understanding of how Attachment theory can inform our role and our interventions when working with young people
  • For participants to consider ways in which we can support and promote young people in the development of secure attachments
  • For participants to be informed of the impact ‘endings‘ can have on young people when working with Attachment issues


  • Theory and Principles of Attachment theory
  • Secure and Insecure Attachment Classifications
  • Linking Attachment theory to young people
  • How Attachment theory can deepen our understanding of young people
  • Variety of exercises to illustrate Attachment theory
  • Case material discussion
  • Interventions supporting workers to better understand young people’s ‘meaning behind the behaviour’ and work towards facilitating young people in their development of positive secure attachments


N.B. Please note that lunch is not provided for any of the training. Facilities to purchase food are nearby to the venue. There is no car park attached to the building, however, there are several public car parks in the area with a cost attached to them. Access to the building is only available after 9am.

Future Training Dates will be posted here as they are confirmed.