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Open Session for Professionals

42nd Street has a bi-monthly Open Session which lasts about 1- 1 ½ hours for other professionals to find out more about 42nd Street services. Upcoming dates: Friday 7th July at 10am Monday 4th September at 10am To book on one of the Open Sessions contact us N.B. Please note that lunch is not provided for any of the […]

Common Mental Health Problems

Leaning Outcomes Participants will gain: Understanding of stress as a risk factor in young people’s mental health. Understanding of the impact of common mental health problems on young people. Knowledge and resources to be able to identify mental health protective and risk factors in young people’s lives. An awareness of good practice and barriers to […]

Understanding Self Harm – Karina Nyananyo

Learning Outcomes Participants will:- Have an understanding of what self-harm is. Be able to identify why young people self-harm and the function that self-harm plays in their lives. Be able to dispel some of the commonly held beliefs about self-harm. Explore ‘best practice’ when working with people who self-harm. Understand how to support a young […]

Working Creatively – Harriet Williams

Learning outcomes For participants to have an understanding of the underpinning theory and knowledge when working creatively with young people To develop participants knowledge and understanding of Play and Play development and its influence on a child’s/ young person’s development To explore the use of metaphor and story-telling when working with young people For Participants […]

Introduction to Attachment and Working with Young People – Harriet Williams

Learning Outcomes For participants to have a basic understanding of the main principles of Attachment Theory For participants to have an improved knowledge of the different classifications of Secure and Insecure Attachment Styles For participants to be informed of the effects early Attachment styles and experiences can have on a young person’s global development For […]

Supporting the Emotional Wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning Young People

Aim: To promote and raise awareness about the social inclusion and mental health needs of LGBTQ+ young people Learning Outcomes Introduction of some underpinning concepts relating to gender identity, sexual orientation and discrimination Increased awareness of the risk factors impacting on the emotional wellbeing of LGBTQ young people A brief overview of research relating to […]