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Key information for young people

It can be hard to talk with other people about things that are worrying you.
But if the way that you are feeling is having a negative impact on your life the most important thing is not to hide it or bottle it up but to talk to someone. That’s why 42nd Street is here.

Here are some things about 42nd Street that might help you decide if we are the right service for you:

  • All our services to young people are free
  • We offer a confidential service – we won’t pass on information about you to anyone else unless you or someone else is at risk of serious harm
  • We will try and give you a choice of seeing a male or female worker
  • We will try and meet you somewhere you feel safe and can get to
  • Whether you are black, white, gay , straight, disabled, non-disabled, male or female you are welcome to come to 42nd Street
  • We will treat you with respect
  • We will give you a say in the service

For more information you can download our information booklets about:

42nd Street Confidentiality leaflet 2017

42nd Street My Personal Information

42nd Street How to make a Complaint 2017

If you think you might benefit from counselling but are not sure and have lots of questions you can check out the kinds of questions young people commonly ask about counselling & therapy and the answers to these from our counsellors and therapists on TheSite.org